Home Extensions 

Space is always at compensation, which is no less authentic for our houses. Seeing a home extension company can be slightly daunting at foremost, but Monarch: one of the best building contractors in Ireland seeks to make this decision more comfortable by furnishing the complete package.
We highly value your time and budget, and we control every part of construction to ensure that we can finish the project on time and within budget.

Home/House Extensions Process

Home extensions aren’t the type of thing, just like the moderate home experience, so why not enlighten yourself with the home extension process?

House Extension Design

We have experienced architects and assist you through the layout phase with our expertise at your dumping. You will have a thorough understanding of what the project will involve and an agreed work plan before construction workers arrive onsite.

The Building Phase

When we have your consent to start the construction, you will see our professionalism and expertise shine. We work reliably to our approved schedule, and because we manage every factor of the project, we can reduce the chance of unexpected delays or unplanned expenditures.

Extension Completion

Finally, you are going to enjoy living in your new home extension. This project has taken a lot of time and effort, but now you and your family can enjoy the benefits of your investment, safe in the knowing that your house extension was built with great care and attention. House Extensions Ireland’s Style Pallet.

Front House Extensions

You can put extensions on the front of your residence that needs a keen eye for aesthetics, as they can completely modify the glance of your home. In most houses, the front is the foremost thing you notice when you reach, and, while we would never recommend skipping the formation of an extension to your home, as it is at the back or around the edge of your home.

Semi-Detached House Extensions

Semi-detached homes show more flexibility when it arrives at where your home extension can be made on the front, back or side. Semi-detached extensions are renowned for various uses, such as providing a heated space that is exposed to much sunlight, expanding a kitchen, adding an extra room to a property that needs to feel a little crowded. Call our home extensions team for more information.

Double Storey House Extensions

Double-storey extensions are a way to create most of the ground space you have available, but they are not limited to extensions on one side of a double-storey home. You can accomplish a very stylish look with designs that utilize an extension terrace as the second floor, maybe a patio space.
Your extension is not confined to copying the layout of your current residence. We have many house extension ideas to offer you the house you desire.

Single Storey House Extensions

A single-storey house extension rises to only one floor and is equally fit for growing the interior area of a single-storey house or some more space to the ground floor of a multi-storey house. These types of tiny house extension ideas are often proposed when the owner wants more space and often with lots of natural light that can be created without seizing too much of your available land.